Black Rock Art


During 2017 we executed a film/photo project with the talented photographer Martin Olson who is based in Malmö. The project resulted in a movie, which you can see here, and beautiful pictures reflecting Kullaro and our work with diabase. Besides the movie and the pictures this project also gave life to a completely new product.


Since forever we have had a great admiration and love for the diabase’s structure, color scheme and surface when found in its raw format in the bedrock. Many times, the diabase has characteristics which is far from what you would expect and its these surprises which have created the strong connection and passion we have for diabase today. During the project, we asked Martin if he, with his eyes, lens and knowledge, could capture what had fascinated us for years. Thus, a new product was created, a form of photo art which with its colors and compositions almost is experienced as a painting. The pictures show the beautiful components of diabase without containing any physical form of diabase.